Sunday, February 26, 2012

Joe Sola - Studio Visit

Joe Sola leaps through his studio window in his videoStudio Visit, 2005. He trained with a movie stuntman to prepare for the piece.

an excerpt from ArtNews' article "Biting The Hand That Feeds Them":

"The premise behind Joe Sola’s 2005 video piece Studio Visit is simple. Over a period of two years, he invited collectors, curators, and critics to his Los Angeles studio to talk about his art. He would turn on the video camera, chat amiably for a few minutes, and then take a flying leap out the closed window in an explosion of shattered glass. His guests would dash to the window, only to find Sola chortling on top of a pile of strategically arranged cardboard boxes eight feet below. “People would scream with fear and pleasure at the same time,” he recalls. He repeated this act 22 times."

read the whole article here

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