Sunday, April 25, 2010

Human Slip-n-Slide

Japanese Human Slip-n-Slide - Watch more Funny Videos

"Human Slip-n-Slide" - unknown

the first half is great, the second half of the video gets a little weird

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Check out one of his latest works as reported by BBC

Camper Bike

"Camper Bike" - Kevin Cyr

Simple Flame Thrower

"Mosquito Catcher" - Johannes Vogl

Robbie Rowlands

"The Upholsterer" - Robbie Rowlands

Zilvinas Kempinas - Double- O

Double O - Zilvinas Kempinas

Click here for a site with more of his work

Mobile Live/Work Space

"Mobile Office" - The Practice of Everyday Design

Inflatable Concrete Structures

Concrete Canvas Shelter

Folding Workstation

"Folding Workstation" - KapteinBolt

Arthur Ganson

Arthur Ganson
Speaking at TED

Architecture that Repairs Itself

"Architecture that Repairs Itself" - Rachel Armstrong updated and live calen barca hall's website has a new look. new great content coming soon. You can now view archive of interes...